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UKIP is not a pressure group or a one issue party.

UKIP is a patriotic, nationwide political party with a full portfolio of policies.  Our number one policy  is to restore and uphold  genuine democracy in Westminister – true Brexit; anything less and we remain a vassal state of the EU.

UKIP is  the only mainstream party that is not funded by vested interests such as the EU, “Global Business” nor by the”Banks”  “Big Business” or the “Unions”.  Ultimately, democracy is our last defence against the rich and powerful and we aim to uphold our principles via the ballot box. 

“Why vote UKIP”? UKIP is the only real opposition to our cross-party political establishment. There is no real difference between the Conservative, Labour and Lib-Dem parties.

They all want continued membership of the European Union, they all want continued mass immigration, and they are all out of touch with the vast majority of voters.

If you go on voting for them then you cannot expect any different outcomes.

If you want something different then support, join and vote UKIP.

 UKIP  represents freedom:

  • Freedom from the Euro-collective.
  • Freedom from political correctness and Cultural Marxism.
  • Freedom of speech.
  • Freedom to be proud to be British.
  • Freedom to be proud of our history and heritage.
  • Freedom to live under our laws – not the laws of Brussels.

UKIP’s mission is to show the way forward for Britain as an independent, prosperous, self-governing  democratic nation.  We want trade, friendship and co-operation with the world.

We want a political system and government that represents the real interests of our country and our people.

UKIP Party Objectives  www.ukip.org/ukip-page.php?id=07

Come and join us – help make it happen.


UKIP Skipton & Ripon Branch

Founded in 1998 the Branch covers the constituency of Skipton & Ripon, an area that is served by two district councils, Craven District Council and Harrogate Borough Council and one MP.

If you live in Bentham, Cowling, Grassington, Masham, Pateley Bridge, Ripon, Settle, Skipton or any of the various settlements in-between, then you are with UKIP Skipton & Ripon.  Welcome!


UKIP Skipton & Ripon has fought elections around the constituency at all council levels and nationally, gained more seats than any other party in the Euro elections of 2014.

On June 23rd 2016  a clear majority of voters in Skipton and Ripon sent the instruction to the government to leave the EU and we intend to work ceaselessly to ensure this is delivered despite the best attempts of the political establishment to deliver Brexit in name only.

We  encourage current  members and invite new members to consider putting themselves forward as UKIP council candidates in all the wards of our constituency. Those living in Ripon are represented by Harrogate Council and those in  Skipton by Craven District Council.

We also  seek candidates to stand for Ripon City Council and Skipton Town Council.

Our membership is spread across the constituency and regularly meets at two locations, one in Skipton and one in Ripon to ensure all members have the chance to meet and hear what is going on in within the Branch, region and nationally.

The branch is linked to UKIP North Yorkshire County which includes 7 local constituencies and then UKIP Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire Region which has some 53 constituencies.  We work together to promote UKIP’s message and promote electoral success.


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