Only UKIP is fighting for a clean Brexit

Only UKIP is fighting for a clean Brexit







Pat Condell


Many among the political, financial and media elite refuse to accept the EU  referendum result and are still trying to engineer a second referendum or a parliamentary vote on the conditions  for leaving – conditions that they are trying to stipulate and arguably having some considerable success with.   Thus we hear claims that we cannot leave unless a trade deal guarantees some continuation of the single market, or that we must accept some freedom of movement.  In effect the Remainers are trying to create the notion that it would be economic madness to leave the EU.

We must not let the Remainers set the parameters of an exit deal, it would betray the 17 million people who voted to leave.    Yes, we have heard Mrs May  talk of “Brexit meaning Brexit” but it means almost nothing. In fact, it is becoming apparent that ‘Soft Brexit’ a term beloved by Remainers means we stay in the EU in all but name whilst ‘Clean Brexit’ means leaving the EU as we voted for in the EU Referendum.

The Conservative  Party’s 2017  election manifesto pledge was to deliver Brexit returning all laws.

That’s why UKIP is needed now more than ever. And we want to encourage you to tell your eurosceptic friends, no matter which party they’ve previously voted for or been a member of, to come and join the People’s Army too. To make sure we get REAL Brexit. To make sure that Britain gets what Britain voted for – take back control of our democracy, ours laws, our borders and our money. We will not tolerate some kind of   Brexit   ‘light’.

So join UKIP  today.  Downloadable form on the  GET INVOLVED/JOIN US menu tab.

Mrs May’s government  is capitulating to the EU and the Remainers in her own party. The Lib Dems and Labour now appear to be committed to remaining in the EU in some form or other.

UKIP is the only party that will ensure we get a clean Brexit.

Together, we can make BREXIT happen and take back control




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