Referendum News

The UK is ready for a WTO Brexit


This is not the end of Brexit – it is only the beginning

In two decades, EU Customs Union membership has not delivered clear benefits for any major UK sector

The Political Declaration is not a vague wish list, but an attempt to bind the UK to EU policies


Mrs May’s sabotage of Brexit revealed  – Turned down Tusk’s free trade Brexit


Parliament cannot simply block ‘no deal’ as some are claiming – it’s the default option.

Parliament cannot simply ‘block No Deal’ as some are claiming – it’s the default option

Tory Rebels set out hard Brexit goals

No deal is better than a bad deal

We must stand firm against the EU bullying

Article 50 Triggered   Great Reform Bill


Change Britain group formed to push for hard Brexit.   But can we trust  May or Boris?

Result     52% Leave  48% Remain

Interactive UK  results

Craven District  35907 Votes

Leave     18961

Remain   16930

Majority Leave  2013

Harrogate BC   94653 Votes

Leave 46374

Remain  48211

Majority Remain 1837

Not only can Britain leave the EU and have access to the single market, we’d actually get a better deal

Much is said of what will happen if we Leave but what will happen if we vote Remain  –  Dan Hannan

JCB Boss for Brexit

‘Leave’ wins Spectator BREXIT  debate.

New poll reveals farmers back BREXIT!

If the UK were not a member of the EU, would we vote to join it?

Everyone is lining up against BREXIT but voters are not fooled

HUGE BREXIT BOOST: More than 100 City executives back campaign to leave ‘damaging’ EU

Brexit campaigners have revealed a 240 per cent increase in European Union (EU) convicts filling prisons in England and Wales at the same time that Eastern European prisons shrink.

Brexit  N Ireland peace fears are rubbish: Trimble

EU referendum: British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) boss John Longworth says Brexit would make Britain better off

 EU referendum: 250 business leaders back exit

Brexit boosts security, says former MI6 chief

Former head of MI6 Sir Richard Dearlove has said in a challenge to David Cameron’s claim that membership is vital in tackling terrrorism


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