Thank You for Your Support

Thank You for Your Support

AH-loveOn May the 7th we had an election and a chance to vote for a new government, for a new political process and for change. In a democracy, of course, you always get a choice and the electorate made that choice and I hope for the sake of our country, we made the right choice.

UKIP as most know took a strong line on regulating immigration and controlling numbers entering the UK. We believed that the impact this would have on schools, housing, the NHS and in fact our complete infrastructure, would be substantial. Please remember the promises / pledges made by our Tory government to deal with all these issues and many more whist slashing £12billion off the public spending purse? We need now to ensure that unlike past rhetoric they actually do what they say!

Congratulations are in order for Roger Baxendale who was appointed to represent UKIP as a councillor on Craven Council with almost 30% of the vote. I’m confident that Roger will play a key role in the future development of the area and will help UKIP build its foundation in local Craven politics.

Many of the almost 8000 voters who were good enough to vote for me and UKIP in the General election will be saddened to see Julian Smith not only returned to Westminster, but do so with an increased majority – please do not despair our day will come!  I would like to thank those individuals who had the courage of their conviction not only to vote for UKIP against a tide of panic and alarm (convincingly broadcast by the conservatives) of a Labour / SNP coalition government, but to do so under such pressure – Thank you!  We will now regroup and review what we can learn from the past and what we can do to move forward in the future. We will be holding regular meetings in the Rendezvous Hotel in Skipton and I look forward to meeting and greeting you there soon.

Alan Henderson – PPC UKIP Skipton & Ripon Constituency.

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