The Referendum

Better off out!

Had it not been for the dogged determination of UKIP and its success at the ballot box the people of Britain would not now be able to vote on whether they wish to be a self-governing nation state or not.   The UK Independence Party is not anti-European, we simply believe that membership of the EU is damaging our democracy and the future prosperity of its people.

Some would say that Britain’s decision on whether to stay in the EU should rest entirely on economic calculations. But this referendum is not just about trade and business regulation it is importantly about our democracy. Do we wish to be an independent self-governing country or part of a federal Europe?   Eurosceptism is not just a British phenomenon, on the contrary, it is on the rise all over Europe because people do not trust their political class to act on their legitimate concerns about the diminution of democracy and its consequences.

Economically, Europhiles argue that we are too small to survive outside the EU.   This is nonsense of course, Canada, a smaller economy than ours lying next to the mighty USA does not argue that it is too small to survive. Australia, Switzerland and even Singapore all with smaller economies than ours are self-governing nation states affording their citizens enviable standards of prosperity.

image002Europhiles also argue that we will no longer have unfettered access to markets in continental Europe if we leave the EU. But this is just scaremongering, the German government has made it clear that it has no wish to impose new barriers on tariffs on our trade if we leave – sensibly, since the country sells us twice as much as we sell it. We will also continue to remain in NATO which has kept the peace in western Europe .

And what of the claim that ‘We will lose our influence in the world if we leave the EU’?    Quite the reverse; we will once more have a seat on world standards bodies that we relinquished when we joined the EU.   Presently we are just one voice in 28 as members of the EU whereas Canada, Norway, Singapore,South Korea, USA,  image003Australia for example all have their own seat and therefore more influence.  Switzerland a sovereign state, with a much smaller GDP and population than the UK is home to many international organisations and is not in the EU.   If Iceland with a population of 329,000 (Leeds 470,000) can cut a mutually beneficial free trade deal with China then Britain can too.

The UK Independence Party believes strongly that an independent UK would be more influential and prosperous outside the EU which can be best achieved by shaping a new relationship based on friendship and trade.

Comparisons of the workings of the EU with the  USSR

EU  should not seek to punish members who wish to leave

Jeremy Hunt MP

The new Foreign Secretary has launched into a spirited defence of Brexiteers at the start of Tory Conference and even compared the EU to the USSR:

“At the moment you, European friends, seem to think the way to keep the club together is to punish a member who leaves, not just with economic disruption, but even by breaking up the United Kingdom with a border down the Irish Sea…

“The EU was set up to protect freedom – it was the Soviet Union that stopped people leaving. The lesson from history is clear – if you turn the EU club into a prison, the desire to get out of it won’t diminish, it will grow, and we won’t be the only prisoner that wants to escape…”

This is remarkably punchy rhetoric, particularly given that Hunt was calling for a second referendum after the vote in 2016. It’s impossible not to see this through the prism of leadership – it looks a clear bid to win over the party’s pro-Brexit base. Probably isn’t going to go down so well in Brussels and Berlin…


This didn’t go down too well with the Prime Minister May , nor with her friends in Brussels. That said, if you have 5 more minutes to spare, here is Vladimir Bukovsky on the subject of the workings of the European Union:




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