Serve the community as a  UKIP Councillor

Serve the community as a UKIP Councillor

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Without UKIP there would have been no  EU referendum.

UKIP is a fully fledged political party with a national and local manifesto. We are not just a pressure group as Lib/Lab/Con and parts of the media would like to label us.

We have hundreds of councillors throughout the UK seats on the Welsh assembly and representatives in the House of Lords and one MP.

The work of  UKIP now enters a new phase as it now needs to get seats in Westminster and more  UKIP Councillors  to carry out our ‘common sense’  manifesto pledges and to ensure that ‘Leave’ means ‘Leave’.

The next county councils will be in 2017

If you feel qualified to become a Councillor or even PPC for Skipton and Ripon Westminster constituency then  please contact us.

Browse our  Local and National Manifesto  under the ELECTIONS/MANIFESTO menu tab

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