Young Independence

Young Independence


UKIP Skipton and Ripon Young Independence

 Nick Harris is our Branch Representative and Chairman North Yorks YI

Nick Harris

I am a student studying Computer Science at Craven College in Skipton having  a special interest in web and app development. For many years politics has fascinated me and this extends to my being actively involved in politics locally.   I joined UKIP after getting involved in the Leave campaign during the EU referendum, and reading the Manifesto only cemented my belief that UKIP is the party of the future.

Something must be done to make sure Brexit means Brexit. We need a strong UKIP to make sure we can hold Theresa May’s feet to the fire to make her invoke Article 50 as soon as possible. But what about after that? UKIP has some great policies and some great ideas for the future, we are not going anywhere. So why not get involved in UKIP and really make your mark on the future of Great Britain.

Feel free to contact me via email ( if you, as a young person have a question or would like to get involved in UKIP and Young Independence.

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